Is 'plus size' really changing the fashion world?

When I started out modelling a few years ago, I didn't even know the category 'plus size' existed, let alone that I'd be labelled it. Plus models were a rarity in the media compared to the whirlwind of voluptuous figures and curvaceous campaigns we see today. I love the movement, its refreshing and pioneered by the likes of models & bloggers such as Ashley Graham, Denise Bidot, Nadia Aboulhosn & Tess Holiday. Having the internet at our disposal we can create our own media and with the momentum plus models and bloggers are gaining it's clear that women want to see other women they can relate to and many men clearly find this attractive. Change in the fashion world is definitely being campaigned for and listened too.

Brands such as Boohoo, MissGuided and Dorothy Perkins have all created plus size sections knowing they can capitalise on this and I guess, it's simply about time.

Chromat, a New York born fashion lingerie and swimwear brand, defied fashion week rules by using plus sized models on their catwalk amongst the usual size 6 models. I'm all about inclusion and with inclusion, particularly within the media, comes awareness. 

With all the positive growth and awareness however,  I cant help to stop and think is 'Plus Size' simply strengthening a separate category of it's own? Or will fashion ever eventually merge into one inclusive market? If so, then perhaps its down to the old & new emerging designers like myself have to take the reigns and responsibility to change that.