Stop comparing yourself to others

Everyone is in their own & lane running their own race. It's time to stop comparing yourself to others.

It makes me so happy to witness people around me growing, exceling, beaming with confidence. I love seeing progress and triumph.

 Naturally, when I'm not seeing as fast developments in my own personal or professional life it's easy to question yourself, which creates feelings of anxiety and self doubt.

Am I not doing enough? Why cant I reach my own greatest potential? What am I doing wrong? 

I often have to remind myself that we all have our own time to shine & time to grind. Everyone has their own mission & motive. Also, most importantly, someone else's definition of success may alter to yours.

If your goal's are the same then maybe its a case that your unique journey will teach you lessons that are meant to unfold for a greater purpose.

Feelings of frustration, self doubt and demotivation is absolutely normal it's how you change that mind-set into accepting its ok, letting go and being able moving forward!

What I've learnt this last week is to become acquainted with myself again. What's my purpose. What's my vision.

Everyone can have the same idea but its how YOU execute it that makes it unique.


Happy Friday


Jada xoxox