Stress & the little big things to help.

Life doesn't always go to plan and that's normal. Everyone can take some hits, juggle stressors etc but when the foundations of life are rocky everything else is unfathomable and its a steep sloping road that can lead to things getting deeper and darker, so I had to take a minute and figure out why it feels like everything's out of control. I begun reflecting on why I cant get my mojo back.

 During my mindfulness and internal observation I started thinking maybe I'll feel better if I can get all the trapped internal energy/ stress etc out of my body. So I found a little big thing that helps. 

 Exercise, taking regular jogs, its a natural endorphine releaser. I know you're thinking 'you're struggling to even get out of bed, let alone run in minus 2 degrees, so how the hell is a natural high going to convince you'?

Heres how: I force myself to get dressed, I don't over think it, I walk out the house armoured with my iPhone strapped to my arm with the loudest running hiphop playlist pumping in my ears & I just go. If you stop, you stop. Take a breather and go again. 

When I'm really not in the mood I set myself the smallest goals. Run for 10 mins. Or, run for 60secs then walk for 60 secs & do that for 20 mins. 

I just started forcing myself and although the tricky situations are still there, I return home in a better mind frame to deal with it. You can do it. Even if you are a person that really isn't into exercise, start small. Start somewhere.

Hope this helps a bit, it helped me this week.

Let me know if you have any questions, thought or ideas you want to discuss comment below.

Im going to start writing more each Friday addressing issues we all face that aren't often spoken about #beinghuman