Dare to be different


When you hold back in class, self sabotage that opportunity, already think you failed the test, not hot enough for that date, 'too fat' or 'skinny' to wear what you want.

What the hell are you telling yourself?

We are who we are, those negatives voices in our head's are other people's opinions. Simply white noise that needs to be ignored.

Our features are perfect and don't need to altered or diluted for someone else's ideology of beauty.

Your intelligence is beautiful never dumb is down to be mediocre.

Your style is you, don't feel afraid to express that.

And that unique talent; whether your a great mother, poet, bird watcher or whatever it is you have that undeniable passion for, let it be the wings that take far beyond your wildest dreams.

Embrace your complete self inside and out, the person you are RIGHT NOW.

You are You.That is your greatest asset.

Be you, love you and except you now.

Dare to be different.

               Shot by @MishaMeghna