The lack of Reality in Virtual Reality.

With the dawn of the Internet, amongst many things, came social media.

Social networking has come along way since the neanderthal insta filters. It's now so easy to get drawn in by the ever perfecting HD photo shopped selfies and effortlessly rehearsed outfit of the day shots. 

People now portray the vision they want of themselves which is not always the reality of who they actually are. We smoothly swipe through our Instagram feed with rose tinted spectacles and don't even realized we do it.

The line between reality and virtual reality is becoming more a more blurred. 

The top 100 instagram accounts are full of pop stars, actresses and popular reality TV personalities. Let's just highlight that these people have teams around them, makeup artists, stylist, hair stylists, professional photographers AND its highly likely theres a social media person strategically posting all their content for them. Not to mention great shots often involve great photography and photoshop skills. Other top accounts are women in their undies, which even at a fuzzy resolution of 320p people will still perve over. But that’s obvious and personally, I believe we have more to offer then our bodies. 

As technology advances, the skills to produce the same content and look like those 'insta famous beauties' becomes increasingly difficult. 

It's unrealistic, unachievable and so far away from the reality. 

Once I understood no matter how perfect my makeup was, how much I Facetuned that selfie and posed in the mirror, I still wouldn't recreate what I saw online. 

That's when I realized what am I actually doing this for. Am I posting images for validation or because I simply want to share pictures?

Let's stop comparing ourselves to these preconceived, unrealistic things we see online and just be ourselves.


Be the best you can be.