Key Speaking for HUBDOT & W.O.W EVENT

I was kindly invited to be the main speaker at the HUB DOT 2nd year anniversary. HUB DOT is a global organisation based on inspiring women through sharing ideas and storytelling.

It was an honour to share my journey from psychology post grad to surprisingly unconventional model. I spoke about what had inspired the career shift & why I cared so strongly about  being a representative for girls who could relate me. 

Further into the night I became more and more captivated by the stories of strength, risk, love, courage, sacrifice, tenacity and good old humour. Each woman had a unique message and I left that night feeling surprisingly uplifted by each and every story. That night I learnt the importance not only of sharing but listening.  For the ladies, I definitely recommend you check out one of HUB DOT’s event.

You can find the next one happening in your city at

Here's a taster from that night!