Stepping Back To Leap Forward

Hey Everyone!

I haven't been writing for a while and thought I was about time to check in and let you all know what I've been up to.

Over the last year Ive been developing a womenswear collection called SEZER. Its a contemporary line consisting of the basic key piece I wear in my wardrobe. The focus is on quality and fit, ranging from UK sizes 8-24. 

The aim for my brand isn't to be a famous designer, it's to merge the mainstream and plus size market so it becomes the norm to carry sizes for everyone. We live in a country where the average sized women is UK 16, yet this is the biggest size most high street stores go up to, (don't get me started on contemporary and high end designers).

Its frustrating I can't buy the clothes I want from the brands I love. So it was time to create it myself.

Besides this I been working with my Models1 family & modelling lots! <3 them 

Taking a back seat from social media felt like I was losing contact with all the people who say I inspired them yet who have actually inspired me! But life also exists offline and getting your foundations in place whether that be with family, life, business is essential. Sometimes you've got to step back to leap forward. 

Let me know your experiences when you've come offline, how that felt, what was you up to, why you did that? Also Im baaaaaack and  going to be writing every Wednesday so let me know what would be good topics we could cover. 

Sending good vibes for the rest of the week. 

(Im writing this while on the train heading to Virgin Money Lounge in Edinburgh, Scotland to give a talk about modelling and building a brand that wants to make a difference, wish me luck!)