Building 'SEZER'- What? Why? And how to build a brand online.

Building 'SEZER'- The Why? and my first blog piece for Virgin!


As you may or may not know Ive been working on a business idea I've had over the last 18 months. A- Having an idea is the easy part, B- being gutsy and fearless enough to carry it out was the challenge. 

How I navigated my way from A to B was by answering the question WHY? This can apply to any new challenge you decide to conquer. Once you've figured out the purpose, fear and anxiety is overidden until momementum picks up and arrived at the point of no return. 

Starting a clothing line is more then threads, its a message to every women who have ever had  restricted access to fashion. Im designing a line which spans from sizes 8-24 (UK) and not fast fashion. They will be investment pieces, wardrobe staples! It was embarrassing that my only clothing options in my size were outdated, I felt excluded that I couldn't shop the cool brands I wanted and dissappointed that so many girls felt that same as me.... This was my Why. 

Virgin Startup gave me some funded and great support so I wrote a small blog piece that can also help you with branding and building a brand online. 

You can read it: