My Top 10 Tips On Managing Anxiety

1) Run a hot bubble bath & unwind. Relaxation helps me to release any tension and adrenaline in my system.

2) Stock up on good foods & get organised. Theres nothing better then having good food available to avoid eating rubbish. Don't feel guilty if you do happen to comfort eat (we all do it) but remember nourishing your body will help to regulate moods and its also satisfying when you look after your insides rather than filing it with junk. 

3)Have a spring clean. Out with the old. Dust away those cobwebs. I always feel so happy climbing into bed with fresh clean sheets. 

4) Write it down, get it out, blog about it and as some people have done - although I haven't personally- burn it after.

5) Read likeminded blogs or watch youtube videos of people who have previously had a similar experience. It helps to feel less isolated.

6) Call a friend, or family, shed a tear if you need to, most of our anxiety come from irrational thinking. A calm, loving voice at the end of the phone can help. I would even say take a trip and go see that person, face to face contact is often much more meaningful for me.

7) Meditation, mindfulness or even simply taking a few deep breaths and being still. This slows your heart rate and lets the adrenaline slowly leave your body.  

8) Make a choice. What is making you anxious? Is this something you can control? Cut it out. 

9) Exercise. Over thinking can cause anxiety and all the energy bottled up in our heads needs to be released. Go for a run or do some kind of activity that will get you moving. Parkour? Pole dancing? 

10) Find your Zen Zone. Mine is my room, candles lit, chilled music, reading, writing or editing blog posts. Make sure you doing something that makes you happy, or just relax and do nothing at all. Wooosahhh.