Being the face of L'Oreal's True Match #YoursTruely Campaign 2016


It was a Friday afternoon, I received the call from my agent and was told I'd been confirmed for the L'Oreal True Match Foundation campaign. I squealed like a toddler from excitement, gratitude and a slight feeling of solace. Deja vu transported me back 4 years ago to that very unfashionable studious girl sitting in her child psychotherapy lectures with a burning desire to change the way women were portrayed in media.

Then snap, back to reality and I'm a model and the face of a leading beauty brand that shares the same values. I can't stop smiling. 

Finally a brand that has created 23 shades from pale to dark skin tones and triumphantly paving the way for more diversity.  

Working with a company like L'Oreal reminded me don't ever change for society, find your tribe and unite together. 

Watch my story here: